Fitness App

Fitness App For Students Allows Distance Learning For Physical Education

IHT Spirit Mobile Fitness App

Physical education teachers faced with dwindling class time can expand their programs and recapture lost exercise time by integrating the IHT Spirit Mobile fitness app into their use of the IHT Zone wrist heart rate monitors.

Developed and released in September 2017, the IHT Spirit Mobile App enables teachers using the IHT Zone wrist HRMs to stay connected as students make up missed assignments or take on new assignments outside of their normal P.E. classes. While it’s inherently easier for classroom teachers to assign and verify completion of make-up assignments, physical educators have struggled.

“It used to be that we’d send home a piece of paper with an assignment to make up and they’d sign it saying they did the workout, but you don’t really know,” said Riverton, Wy. P.E. teacher Mike Bradley. Read More