Following teacher’s favorite activity, students pedal their way to improved fitness

By relating daily health lessons to her favorite activity, a Colorado teacher is developing heart rate training life skills for students in her middle school health class.

“Even though I’m in the health classroom, I’m constantly bringing in who I am and what I do and trying to set an example that these kids can buy into and continue with for the rest of their lives,” said Fort Lupton (Colo.) Middle School teacher Lindsay Yost.

When not in a gym or health classroom, Yost races mountain bikes – she won the 2013 U.S. Downhill National Championship – and coaches downhill riders during the summers. A former college heptathlete, Yost fuels her passion for exercise by focusing on her heart rate, both on her bike and in the gym. By teaching students what motivates her to remain active, she’s found an improved sense of motivation from her students when they exercise. Read More

Top lessons motivate students through creativity, PE technology

From frisbee to circuit-based fitness, physical educators are using PE technology to teach students the long-term value of heart rate training in a variety of ways.

“Part of our goal is to expose students to as many different activities and fitness exercises with the hope that it will transfer outside of the classroom and promote lifelong fitness,” said Kelly Spreen, a P.E. teacher at Shelburne Community School (Vermont) and the co-creator of one of the winning IHT Spirit Video Challenge lessons, “Fun, F.I.T.T.ness and Forever Strong.” Read More

Motivating students with the use of technology

Originally published Feb. 28, 2018 in the Times-Republican.

By Nicki Boliver, Contributing Writer

When I last wrote a column for Inside Education, I was teaching physical education at the middle school level. I’m now teaching at the elementary level. Making the switch has forced me to modify my teaching methods from working with seventh and eighth graders, to now working with K-4 students. What a change it has been! However, no matter what level I’m teaching, one question still remains the same — how can I motivate my students to embrace a healthy lifestyle?

Providing an atmosphere that is motivating, positive and one that safely encourages risk-taking, is a challenge physical educators face daily. Using the technology of heart rate monitors has helped me overcome the challenge. Heart rate monitors are empowering students to self-manage and take ownership for their health and well-being through technology. It’s no secret that we all work harder on something we have ownership in. So we began giving students ownership in P.E. through individualized heart rate monitors and it’s had a huge impact on motivation and participation.

motivating students
Nicki Boliver

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Eager students find success by creating individualized PE lessons

Students work harder and more frequently meet class goals when given the freedom to craft and manage their own individualized PE lessons.

“This year students will develop their own workouts based on their activity needs,” said Jeff Miesner, the physical education teacher at Odebolt Arthur Battle Creek Ida Grove High School.

Miesner gauges his student’s effort – and success in meeting regular goals – by the data he gets from the heart rate monitors students wear. Last year he introduced the adidas Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitor to his students and has seen a noticeable increase in both exercise ownership and effort. Read More