For This Champion for Student Health, P.E. Extends Beyond the Gym

Originally published Feb. 21, 2018 by Education Week.

By Evie Blad

There’s an outdated stereotype of physical education classes that Judy LoBianco has spent her 25-year career fighting against.

It’s one where the most athletic students flaunt their skills while their less capable peers struggle to keep up.

It’s one where learning stops after students leave the gym and where P.E. teachers don’t have a seat at the table with their colleagues who teach core subjects, like math and English. Read More


P.E. Leadership Class Gives Hands-on Training

Originally published Oct. 28, 2017 in the Woodstock Independent.

By Whitney Rupp


Twice a week, Olson Elementary School physical education teacher Jackie Anderson hands over the reins to her first- and second-grade class to another group of students.

The PE leadership class offered at Woodstock High School gives students real-world experiences in the teaching arena at the elementary school level. Students interested in the course might have an interest in education as a career or be passionate about athletics. Either way, it’s a partnership enjoyed by some of the youngest and oldest students in Woodstock School District 200.

The elective course consists mostly of juniors and seniors and is led by PE division chair Matt Prill. Early in the semester, WHS students spend time observing elementary students at Olson, doing some peer teaching together and designing a lesson plan to present.

Eden Janiga, a Woodstock High student, leads Olson Elementary first-graders in PE lessons Oct. 17. Independent Photo by Whitney Rupp

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