Students, teachers still motivated by PE3

Wed, 8 Jun 2016
When she began crafting what became her PE 3 curriculum – Physical Education for the Mind, Body and Spirit – IHT president and co-founder Jen Ohlson could only imagine the impact it might have on students across Texas and the country.“Our company started from the PE 3 curriculum inspired by students in dire need of social-emotional, physical and nutritional support,” Ohlson said. “There were students with BMIs over 40 who weren’t active, who weren’t going to play sports. We needed a way to reach them, to teach them how to improve their health.” Read More

Students’ editorial emphasizes need for PE teachers to change with the times

Thu, 19 May 2016 – editorialTwo New York high school students recently won an editorial writing contest by issuing their own PE challenge.
Students Norah Berry and Chase Moriarity, both 17, won an editorial writing contest by The Learning Network, an educational arm of the New York Times. Their editorial shared their thoughts on challenges they, and other students, face in PE. The article, titled “Gym Class Villains,” discusses how some PE curricula haven’t transformed with the times.“…physical education hasn’t changed in generations,” they write. “…an unimaginative curriculum of forced laps and overly aggressive games fails to accomplish much beyond boredom and exclusion.”

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