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U-46 adopts new high school P.E. curriculum emphasizing active lifestyle

Originally published Nov. 20, 2018 in the Daily Herald.

By Madhu Krishnamurthy

Starting next school year, students at Elgin Area School District U-46’s six high schools will be able to take a variety of physical education courses promoting a physically active lifestyle and moving the district away from the emphasis on team sports.

The U-46 school board Monday night approved new high school physical education curriculum, resources, equipment and teacher training for a total cost of $191,502. Technological resources — heart rate monitors and iPads — make up $156,305 of that expense. The same technology already is being used at the district’s middle schools for physical education classes. Read More

Lewis County school paves trail for lifelong skill

Originally published Aug. 16, 2018 in the Watertown Daily Times.

By Emily Griffin

South Lewis Central School District has annually dedicated time to teaching a skill students may carry with them forever — hiking.

For the 22nd year, South Lewis fourth-graders will take a hiking trip to Bald Mountain.

Within just three weeks of the school year kickoff, the district will have had a fourth-grade cross-country run, eighth-grade and fifth-grade biking trips, and the Bald Mountain hike all completed.

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cyber physical education

Cyber physical education isn’t what it sounds like

Originally published July 24, 2018 in the Olean Times Herald.

By Danny Ciamprone

At the height of the digital age, many believed technology would impede movement. Computers supported a more sedentary lifestyle in the workplace, and ridesharing apps dramatically improved the convenience of transportation, thus decreasing the need to walk reasonable distances.

But as technology further evolves, so too does its influence on encouraging healthy lifestyles, such as the case of smartwatches and activity trackers. Now, Seneca Valley Academy of Choice is at the forefront of the next revolution in technology education when it comes to encouraging healthy lifestyles for students. While online education courses are nothing new, the concept of cyber physical education is a foreign concept for many. Read More

PE Curriculum

Students Improve Total Health in Teacher’s Enhanced PE Curriculum

Shift from Sports to Fitness, Use of PE Heart Rate Technology Motivates Students to Develop Complete Set of Wellness ‘Toolbox’

Changes in the PE curriculum are helping Hamburg Area (Penn.) High School students learn essential fitness and wellness management skills.

Last year, Hamburg Area PE teacher Donine Kelly completely overhauled her PE program, moving away from sports and games. Kelly’s curriculum teaches students to focus on their total health and wellness picture, which includes: Read More

Maize South Middle School’s Let’s Move Club Provides Physical Education Equipment to Schools in Puerto Rico

Originally published June 22, 2018 by Active Schools.

As a physical education teacher at Maize South Middle School in Wichita, Kansas, Brandon Wolff is using the power of physical activity to make a positive impact — for his students and students in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

After attending a Physical Activity Leader (PAL) Training five years ago, he created a Let’s Move Club in his school. It started small — a few students setting up activities at recess and helping with brain boosts, which are classroom movement breaks that increase concentration, cognitive performance, and fitness. The club’s activities have since grown to include an annual special event, and, most recently, an effort to give back. Read More