Central Oregon schools struggling to meet PE requirements

Originally published Feb. 10, 2019 in The Bulletin.

By Jackson Hogan

Despite the state giving Oregon schools a few more years to meet a minimum number of physical education minutes per week, many Central Oregon school districts are still struggling to provide gym time for elementary and middle school students.

Many district officials say meeting requirements is difficult due to a lack of gym space, not enough staff and little funding from the state. Read More


Tennessee schools adapt to new physical activity requirements

Originally published Aug. 11, 2017 by WATE TV6 in Knoxville, Tenn.

Starting this school year, Tennessee students are going to see a change in when and how they get physical activity time at school.

State lawmakers recently simplified a physical activity law after the old one caused confusion in schools across the state. The old law broke down how many physical activity breaks students were supposed to get during the school day and required a certain amount of minutes for the entire week.

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PE Minutes

Central Valley teachers suggest ways to add PE minutes

Originally published May 26, 2017 in the Times Telegram, written by Donna Thompson.

ILION — Elementary school children in the Central Valley school district are not getting the required number of physical education minutes, but physical education teachers think they have a solution to the problem.

PE MinutesJane Connors and Jonna Costin presented their recommendations at Wednesday’s school board meeting.

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