Teacher of year visits with S.F. Giants

Originally published May 28, 2019 by the East Bay Times.

By Roni Gehlke

What better way is there for a physical education teacher to celebrate being appreciated as a teacher of the year than having a free day at a baseball game?

Earlier this month Pittsburg Unified School District and Pittsburg High School Teacher of the Year Maureen Mattson had a chance to hang out on the field during batting practice with the San Francisco Giants. The event was part of the Giants’ Teacher Appreciation Day. All the instructors who had received teacher-of-the-year awards were also offered the chance to spend some time with the players on the field before the game. Read More

Teachers of the Year share common philosophy

Originally published Jan. 15, 2019 in the Herald-Citizen.

By Jim Herrin

The kindergarteners in Caleb Reese’s Physical Education class were clearly excited as they filed into the gym Friday afternoon.

“Walk quietly to the circle,” he instructed them, but for some, the exuberance could not be contained, and they began running to the designated spot.

“Uh-oh. Strike one,” Reese said as he began explaining the exercises they were going to be doing — including classics like jumping jacks and newer innovations called burpees — while also offering encouragement. Read More