6 Qualities of a Great PE Teacher

Think back to the best teachers you’ve had throughout your life. What are the qualities that made them stand out among the dozens of educators who have crossed your path?

The teachers who fit the criteria as “great teachers” in Physical Education – teachers like John Dunlop – are those who remain intellectually curious and professionally vital both inside and outside the classroom. They maintain an enviable passion for children and the learning process. They remain vivid in the student’s memories forever because of their creativity, sense of fun, compassion, and ability to challenge students to grow and constantly improve.

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High-Tech Exercise Program at McKinney ISD

Originally published in McKinney Magazine

August, 2013


Quick – what’s the best way to know you’ve had a good workout?
A. You’re breathing hard
B. Your muscles ache
082613misd-education1C. You got up twice during American Idol
D. Your heart-rate falls within a scientifically-derived healthy range for your age, weight, height and sex

D, of course, is the answer. (If you answered C, please see your doctor. Only half-kidding.)

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