May has students eyeing summer, teachers eyeing funding

Fri, 20 May 2016 fundingAs May progresses and students begin to turn their eyes toward summer vacation, teachers begin focusing on what’s next. What did I do this year that worked well? What do I want to change about my curriculum? Who’s doing something new that would work at my school? How am I going to find the funding for something new?That last question remains the most important one.

As teachers identify new tools – be it a new set of books to read for English, software that augments math or new innovations such as the IHT Zone that helps teachers and students track heart rate levels during physical education – more often than not they need to develop a plan to pay for their new tools.

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With PEP Grant deadline approaching, how IHT helps with grant applications

A day in the IHT life with Jen Reeves, Director of Funding Services

As school calendars come to a close, teachers begin focusing on the next academic year. They will spend the next few weeks looking back on their year, evaluating what did or didn’t work for their classes and figuring out what new tool or curriculum enhancer they could add.

PEP GrantFor teachers who’ve already identified new programs to install, a big hurdle can be figuring out how a school with limited resources can fund new learning initiatives. The challenge is true both of traditional core teachers as well as teachers in departments such as art, music and physical education.

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