Combining physical activity with maths

Originally published Aug. 21, 2018 by Teacher Magazine.

By Dominique Russell

While low levels of physical activity among children and adolescents remain a concern in Australia, student engagement in the maths classroom also requires attention. One pilot program in New South Wales sought to tackle both issues simultaneously.

Researchers from the University of Newcastle (Dr. Adam Lloyd, Dr. Nick Riley, Dr. Narelle Eather and Dr. Andrew Miller ) designed and implemented the program, where students from one small, low SES primary school took part in three 10 minute sessions of maths-related High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for eight weeks. Read More

Lewis County school paves trail for lifelong skill

Originally published Aug. 16, 2018 in the Watertown Daily Times.

By Emily Griffin

South Lewis Central School District has annually dedicated time to teaching a skill students may carry with them forever — hiking.

For the 22nd year, South Lewis fourth-graders will take a hiking trip to Bald Mountain.

Within just three weeks of the school year kickoff, the district will have had a fourth-grade cross-country run, eighth-grade and fifth-grade biking trips, and the Bald Mountain hike all completed.

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Move it, move it: how physical activity at school helps the mind (as well as the body)

Originally published July 22, 2018 in The

By Brendon Hyndman

Federal Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie recently unveiled plans to convince state education and sports ministers to ensure sport and physical education is compulsory in schools.

The physical benefits of getting kids moving have been well recognised to help prevent chronic disease and develop movement habits across their lifespan. Read More

Move over, ‘sit still’! Why kids need to move in school

Originally published May 3, 2018 by CNN.

By Kelly Wallace

A few years ago, when my girls were in the second and third grades, they raved about the dance breaks they would occasionally have during the school day.

Their teachers would put on a video, which encouraged the kids to get up and dance, and then they’d get back to work.

“What a brilliant idea,” I remember thinking at the time.  Read More

Physical activity encouraged through Olympic theme

Originally published Feb. 24, 2018 in the York News-Times.

By Steph Peyatt, Features Editor

York Elementary School physical education teachers, Kim Brehm and Allison Snodgrass, recently created a Winter Olympics-themed unit for their students. They wanted to tie real-life events into what they teach in P.E. class.

By allowing students to experiment with the various events taking place in PyeongChang this winter, the 2018 Winter Olympics has become more relevant to them. Other teachers encouraged the unit by reading and researching about the Olympics as well. Elizabeth Kavan, YES media specialist, spent time showing videos and conducting research with students while they were in their media rotation.

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