A new concept of fitness

Originally published July 19, 2019 in Arizona State Now.

By Emma Greguska

How much of what you learned in high school do you still use 20 years later? Probably not a lot.

But a study conducted by researchers at Arizona State University found that one thing former students at Mountain Pointe High School in Phoenix still use is what they learned in their physical education class. Read More

Two schools win grant to ‘Upgrade’ wellness

Originally published July 5, 2019 in the Dubois County Herald.

By Leann Burke

When students and staff return to Ferdinand and Tenth Street elementaries this fall, they’ll be greeted by a new emphasis on health and wellness.

Both schools earned the Upgrade Grant from the Welborn Baptist Foundation of Evansville and will begin their planning years this fall. The grant is a $75,000 multi-year intervention that aims to facilitate change within schools by implementing the coordinated school health approach to develop healthy eating and active lifestyle behaviors among students, their families and school staff. Read More

Illinois District OKs $300K in new exercise equipment for three high schools

Originally published March 22, 2019 in the Chicago Tribune.

By Gregory Tejada

Community High School District 218 officials approved the purchase of just over $300,000 worth of new exercise equipment for physical education programs.

The School Board voted 6-0, with board member Robert Stokas absent, to make the purchase from Direct Fitness Solution, a Mundelein-based company that is part of a national purchasing alliance with Sourcewell. Read More

Recreation and health in schools

Originally published April 2, 2019 in the Beatrice Daily Sun.

By Monica Brich

For years, public schools have taught students skills to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. But as new information and technology has come out, the way health is taught is constantly changing.

Jordan Johnson, a physical education teacher at Paddock Lane Elementary, said he focuses on teaching and applying skills. Read More

Elite Fitness Day

Originally published April 7, 2019 in the Citizen Tribune.

Hamblen County Coordinated School Health and the Physical Education Department selected the top 30 third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students at each elementary school in Hamblen County to participate in the Elite Fitness Day held Wednesday at Burke-Toney Stadium.

Elite Fitness Day is for students at each elementary school that show exemplary performance on physical fitness tests. The students are measured by their physical education teachers in flexibility, upper body strength, speed and agility, and heart and lung endurance. Read More