Social-Emotional Learning Component Seeing Success Throughout Fulton School District

Originally published March 12, 2019 in Oswego County Today.

The implementation of social-emotional learning programs throughout the Fulton City School District has catapulted students’ sense of belonging.

Lanigan first grade teacher Samantha Finocchiaro leads a social-emotional learning lesson with her students, all of whom have become better connected with their emotions, thanks to the district’s implementation of the Second Steps curriculum.
As the district works toward its goal of having 90 percent of its students feel welcomed and part of their school, FCSD Director of Student Support Services Geri Geitner said students in grades kindergarten through 12 have become more equipped with the knowledge and tools to further develop their SEL skills and put them into practice. Read More

physical activity

Study: Physical activity ‘key to student mental health’

Originally published July 13, 2018 by Sports Management UK.

By Tom Walker

Getting university students physically active can have a dramatic effect on improving their mental wellbeing, social inclusion, and perceived academic attainment and employability.

According to the British Active Students Survey: 2017/2018 Report, students who are classified as “active” scored better than those classified as fairly active or inactive across four aspects of personal well-being: life satisfaction, feelings of worthwhile, happiness and anxiety. Read More