Using HIIT, PE Students See Long-Term Gain Despite Short Classes

Teachers are adopting a high-intensity interval training model to ensure their physical education students maximize the benefits of exercise in each class session.

“I think students overall like this type of class better than your traditional, old school, physical education class,” said Lunenburg (Mass.) High School PE teacher Steve Boone. “I think they like individual workouts.”

One of Boone’s most popular lessons is a circuit that encourages students to exercise at high intensity for quick bursts of time. Depending on the age and ability of his students, Boone’s circuit – also referred to as a Tabata – requires that participants see how many high-intensity repetitions they can perform in 20 seconds at eight different stations.

It’s a popular teaching concept that keeps students moving and prevents them from struggling to perform an exercise they don’t like or struggle with. Read More