Kelly McClennon

“Y’all are awesome. Keep up the good work. I think what y’all are doing is amazing and I’m ready to see these new heart rate monitors with the watch.” – Kelly McClennon, PE teacher at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School, Dallas (Texas) ISD

“We’re very excited about the idea of it moving to the wrist. It will even push that whole idea of fitness tracking and knowing what you’re doing while you’re doing it…We emphasize so much about knowing your heart rate and being in your target zone.” – Rick Carr, PE teacher at Woodford County (Ky.) Middle School

“Once I found how easy it was to use – I was a former Polar user and a technology trainer for them – I was familiar with using heart-rate monitors, and I just found it so easy. The kids caught on right away, so we decided we would use them all the time. That wasn’t my original intention.” – John Dunlop, PE teacher at Portage Central (Mich.) Middle School

IDEA curriculum director Eren Kirksey (right) with IHT's Jen Ohlson

IDEA curriculum director Eren Kirksey (right) with IHT’s Jen Ohlson

“We love IHT because of the fact that it’s all data driven and the ease of access. With the PEP grant, the price is right, personally. It’s new, and I think with us being the largest public charter school – 22 site campuses which is actually 44 schools this year and by 2018 I think we’ll have 60 campuses – IHT will do what we need it to do for the masses, for all of our campuses and the populations that we serve.” – Eren Kirksey, curriculum manager at IDEA Public Schools (Texas)

“A couple of years ago, I knew we needed heartrate monitors in our program. I knew we could take our program to the next level when we had data that we could get our kids to buy into. It would be another way to get kids focused in on their fitness. I did my research, went on-line. I went back and forth, went to some conventions and saw several programs, spoke to reps to find out what would best fit our school. Seeing what IHT could do with the monitors, we decided that’s definitely the route we wanted to take and we wanted them in our schools. One of the things IHT was huge for us was its portability. We do a lot of things outside for our students. We’re not just inside in class. For us to be able to get data while sending kids to the track or to the stadium to run steps, or onto a course is huge.” – Brandon Wolff, PE teacher at Maize South (Kan.) Middle School

“We have to meet young people where they are and technology integration is critical, but the key is using technology in an authentic manner, not just ‘yeah I use technology because someone told me to use it,’ but asking the question, ‘how does this technology purposely fit into what I’m trying to accomplish in creating a quality PE program?’ The IHT Spirit System provides that, it individualizes that connection to kids and it also helps us as a profession to measure the effectiveness of our efforts as teachers.” – Aaron Beighle, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Doug Hallberg

Kim Scheffler, Adolf “Adi” Dassler, Doug Hallberg

“I understand that it’s just a tool and what I do goes beyond the tool, but it’s a tool that lets me connect with a kid. Any time you can use a piece of technology to meet a kid at their level, it’s phenomenal. I can pretend my kids don’t have phones, or I can give them something to look at in the locker room rather than Snapchat. That’s what the reports are.” – Doug Hallberg, PE teacher at Draper Middle School, Mohonasen (N.Y.) school district

“The value of the IHT system to us is the ease of use for fitness center staff and program participants, the ability to retrieve the results remotely through the database, and the report generator.” – Kevin Short, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

“The major thing that I appreciate is the fact that I have very specific, easy to understand documentation regarding the performance of every single kid I had in class this year. In addition to that, I provided them with concise reports that they can use to improve their performance and fitness levels in the future and these kids are legitimately putting forth an effort to get better.” – John Dunlop, PE teacher at Portage Central (Mich.) Middle School


Kaitlyn Bloemer

“IHT and the Spirit System has helped propel teaching physical education into the 21st century. Using the chest straps was easy for the kids to use, but with the upgrade to the ZONE, every student will be able to wear it with ease. With the use of the IHT system, grading kids on perceived participation has gone out the door and instead can be a goal set by the student and teacher. Students also have a visual when talking about HR zones and if they are exercising in their moderate to vigorous activity zones. From a teacher stand point, we need data to drive our grants. The SPIRIT system provides us with easy collection of data and is easy to read from a student/parent perspective.” – Kaitlyn Bloemer, Physical Education and Health Teacher at Bay View (Wis.) Middle School