Read IHT Spirit System Customer Testimonial.

IHT Spirit System Customer Testimonial. Nothing makes us happier than happy customers (and happy students). We recently linked arms with John Dunlop at Portage Central Middle School to implement the IHT Spirit System schoolwide for every one of his 420+ students. John has been working as a Physical Educator for over 23 years and has helped thousands of students across various age levels build lifelong health and well-being principals during his tenure. As a recent Spirit System customer, John sent us a small note outlining his experience using the system, leveraging its reporting capabilities, and connecting to parents by demonstrating exactly how their kids are performing in his PE classes. Read John’s letter below and feel free to share your thoughts on his experience in the comment section.

Thank you, John.

We recently held our first round of parent teacher conferences this fall, which followed the first 9-week marking period. We just began using the IHT Spirit System with all of our 6th, 7th and 8th-grade students. We are currently using heart rate monitors and the assessment software.

We have a 5-minute time frame limit to meet with each individual parent during conferences. I ran a heart rate report which spanned from the last week in September to the first week of November which was essentially weeks 3-9 of the marking period. I also ran a fitness assessment report for each of my 8 groups or classes. It was very easy to click on the report associated with the particular student and share heart rate graphs and specific test reports very quickly. It was very empowering to have this data at my side while talking to parents. I have a current workload of 420 students during 6 class periods per day. Without this data, it is impossible share accurate information about student performance.

I was able to share objective data regarding student heart rate performance during a variety of activities along with all of the fitness test assessment data which had been collected. As a 23-year veteran teaching physical education, I felt that this was the very first time that I could really “paint a picture” of how students are “doing” in my classes. It served as an extremely positive experience for me and the parents. Several of them mentioned how impressed they were with the technology and thanked me for being able to share such important information.

John Dunlop-Physical Education Teacher

Portage Central Middle School

Portage, MI