Originally published June 23, 2020 in the North Forty News.

By Steven Bonifazi

Poudre School District has integrated education-specific heart rate technology into their online Physical Education (PE) classes when classes shifted from in-person learning to online in order to create a better balance between academic growth and physical and social and emotional well-being.

Part of a district-wide solution, the online PE courses utilize Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) technology, assessment software, and an IHT ZONE heart rate monitor to keep students excited, engaged, and accountable for credits earned towards physical education.

“When we were shifted to distance learning, we had a system in place, so we simply modified it for the kids at home,” said Lisa McVicker, a Physical Education teacher.

McVicker implemented IHT ZONE heart rate monitors in the 2018-19 school year for her on-campus and online PE courses. McVicker found that the heart rate monitors delivered both emotional and physical biofeedback in real-time, providing students motivation, and supplying her with student-specific feedback.

A few additional advantages of using IHT technology consist of the ability to choose activities that align with the student’s abilities and interests, providing them flexibility with their schedules and time to focus on other classes.

Furthermore, students can pair their IHT monitors with their phones or tablet to obtain access to their teacher’s curriculum. In other subjects during the COVID-19 closure, students may be self-pacing or even going through the motions. In online PE courses that make use of the heart monitors, students must put forth their full effort.

“The goal is to meet students where they are physical, emotionally, mentally and within their schedule, while providing the rigor and accountability schools require,” said Jen Ohlson, IHT Co-Founder and President.

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    Use of Heart Rate Monitors Keeps at Home Students Active
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    Use of Heart Rate Monitors Keeps at Home Students Active
    Poudre's use of heart rate technology made converting to online PE simple for students.
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    North Forty News
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