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          IHT-Your PYFP/FitnessGram® Data Collection Solution

          Experience IHT's FitnessGram® Data Collection and Reporting Capabilities

            Ben Bentzin at Draper (NY) Middle School

            IHT CEO Ben Bentzin shares his thoughts after watching students at Draper Middle School test the new IHT Zone wrist-based heart-rate monitors. The new devices will be available for the 2016-17 school year.

              Health Needs a Hero - Student Version

              This video is the film "Health Needs a Hero" in the condensed 58 minute "Student Version". It has accompanying student workbooks you may request at spirit@ihtusa.com

                2016 IHT Spirit Video Challenge winner announced by Dick Fosbury!

                He raised the bar with his revolutionary Fosbury Flop to win the 1968 Olympic High Jump Gold Medal. Watch as Dick Fosbury names the winner in the 2016 IHT Spirit Challenge "Raise the Bar" physical education video contest.

                  2016 Zone Introduction Video

                  The IHT ZONE makes it easy for teachers to track student performance, provide personalized learning opportunities, and measure the effectiveness of K-12 PE programs. From managing an entire class to inspiring one-on-one conversations, the Spirit System empowers and connects teachers, students and parents while maximizing results.

                    Statewide PE Data Collection in MA

                    This video showcases the Massachusetts statewide physical education data collection initiative, which is a city-to-city and district-to-district effort connecting teachers, students, administrators and parents through revolutionary software and next generation hardware technology. The goal is to show the correlation between healthier students, academic success and affective variables for students from kindergarten through graduation day. The Massachusetts Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD) is the first state PE Association in the country to begin a statewide data collection of this magnitude and are utilizing the IHT Spirit System to capture, manage and report their customized data measures.

                      HD Woodson Principal Darrin Slade talks about the IHT Spirit System

                      Hear how appreciative HD Woodson Principal Darrin Slade is on the work his PE teachers are making in the lives of their students.
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