Designed For Education, Created To Support Every Student

IHT’s interactive technology ecosystem helps teachers build a student wellness portfolio daily-to-yearly, delivering heart
rate data, reflective journaling and performance metrics that can correlate to academic and social and emotional growth.  

The IHT ZONE Wrist Heart Rate Monitor

The Only Wrist Heart Rate Monitor Designed Specifically for Children and Education

More Than Just A Monitor

While the IHT ZONE monitor makes it easy to track participant performance, provide personalized learning opportunities and measure your program’s effectiveness, our software centralizes all data, allowing you to manage an entire class or group to individualizing data-driven conversations. IHT connects students, teachers and parents and empowers them to make better decisions that maximize outcomes and growth.

Teacher And Student Curriculum Resources Connecting The Whole Child​

The IHT Spirit curriculum resources include a robust library of research-based and standard-aligned lesson plans and resources that are online and can be easily integrated into your learning management system or Google docs. Built with the Understanding by Design® (UbD™) framework, each lesson and student worksheet is designed to reflect a three-stage design process called “backward design” that delays the planning of classroom activities until goals have been clarified and assessments designed, which are measured in the Spirit software.

Watch How IHT's Technology Impacts Students' Lives


Simply Designed To Individualize Goals​


Connect with IHT and learn how easy it is to make heart rate technology part of your student fitness or SEL curriculum.


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