adidas wants to be the coolest gym teacher ever

April 18, 2016

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By Cate Lawrence, Contributing Writer

adidas ZONE ChargingThis week sportswear maker adidas debuted a new wearable device, co-developed with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT). Called the adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit, it’s the first wrist-based wearable device developed specifically for physical education class use.

Currently, IHT supports 1,500 teachers in 800 schools across the country and during the 2015 school year, 600,000 children were connected to the IHT Spirit System. With the help of the new wearable, IHT is on track to hit their 2016 target of interacting with one million students nationwide on a daily basis. Read More

Adidas Designed A Wearable Specifically For Kids In P.E. Class

April 9, 2016

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zone 2 upTo help fight youth obesity in the United States, Adidas has created a wrist-worn wearable device for students taking physical education. Called ZONE, this heart rate monitoring gadget will use the cloud to be able to share a student’s personal fitness data with teachers. This will not only help the kids, but the teachers as well since it will be easier to keep track of each individual’s performance. Read More

adidas unveils kid-friendly heart rate monitor for gym class

April 6, 2016 
By Todd Haselton
adidas ZONE for IHT SpiritAdidas recently unveiled a new fitness device specifically geared towards kids. In partnership with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT), Adidas built the “ZONE for IHT Spirit” wearable.  It’s a bit of a tongue-twister of a name that basically means the Adidas wearable works with IHT’s existing cloud-based and education-friendly fitness-tracking program. Read More

adidas is Bringing Wearable Tech to PE Class

April 6, 2016

Originally published at ChipChick
By Chance Kinney
adidas Zone for IHT Spirit SystemStudents across the nation might be playing kickball with Adidas wristbands on soon — the company has teamed up with Interactive Health Technologies to bring analytics all the way down to the youngest of competitors.

The Adidas Zone is a very simple fitness tracker, but the software and marketing behind it could have some significant effects on PE class down the road.
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