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Dr. Katie Harper Wright Elementary wins IHT Spirit Video Challenge powered by adidas

(Interactive Health Technologies | IHT Spirit PE Software | Heart Rate Monitors — May 21, 2017) Austin, Texas — Capture-new eslThe 2017 IHT Spirit Video Challenge Powered by adidas wrapped up with a flurry of activity, and a panel of judges decided that the video submitted by Dr. Katie Harper Wright Elementary School in East St. Louis, IL did the best job of “Proving their Program.”

Submitted by PE teacher David Kober, the two-minute video featured students describing how the health and physical education school is improving each year. Students walk through school describing the healthy choices they learn to make every day and how their ability to take ownership of their health and fitness would be enhanced with the addition of IHT’s technology.

Kober’s class wins a set of 28 adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit heart rate monitors, a three-year license to operate IHT’s Spirit Assessment Measures software, and an adidas-IHT Power Package that includes IHT’s Spirit Curriculum, student journal and training. The grand prize package is valued at $12,000.

“Our challenge this year focused on ways teachers are proving how they are transforming the lives of students,” said IHT President Jen Ohlson. “Every video submitted demonstrated the value of data-based health and physical education. To see in video after video students explaining why they benefit from heart rate data and how they are motivated to work hard and own their health inspired not only our judges but everyone who took time to view the videos.”

In 2015, IHT partnered with adidas to develop the first wearable designed specifically for health and physical education. The adidas ZONE puts students in touch with their heart rate data both during a class session and immediately after with a report delivered by email. Worn on the wrist, the ZONE delivers heart rate data with the accuracy of hospital chest strap heart rate monitors.

“We’re thrilled to be working with IHT to support PE teachers in their efforts to empower students to get and stay active,” said adidas Director of Partnerships Kim Scheffler. “Judging from the video submissions, especially the winning entry from Dr. Katie Harper Wright Elementary, it’s clear there are some exemplary teachers and students worthy of recognition who are ‘proving their program’ every day.”

The Spirit Video Challenge drew nearly 50,000 viewers and voters. Videos were judged on a combination of quality (70 percent), originality and creativity (20 percent) and vote total (10 percent).

Other winning videos include second-place Silvia School (Terry Mahjoory) in Fall River, Mass.; third place Maury River Middle School (Vicki Black) in Lexington, Va., and fourth place Anderson Elementary (Lynell Addis) in Frisco, Texas. The video from Silvia School received the most votes, followed closely by Anderson. Each of the top four winning videos received prizes from IHT and adidas. Runner-up prizes included the IHT Spirit Assessment Measures software, IHT’s Spirit Curriculum and an adidas/IHT power package that includes apparel and more.

Deb Funke at Rose Hill Middle School, Rose Hill, Kan., won the raffle for a $200 adidas Smart Ball. Videos that showcased adidas products automatically qualified for a raffle.

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