IHT Spirit Mobile App for Individual Fitness Use

IHT, adidas release Spirit Mobile App for Individual Fitness Use

IHT Spirit Physical Education TechnologyFor Immediate Release

Sept. 19, 2017, Austin, Texas – Interactive Health Technologies®, LLC, announces the release of the new IHT Spirit Mobile App for Individual Fitness Use, the next step in personalizing physical education by connecting users with heart rate data.

Developed in conjunction with adidas, the free IHT Spirit Mobile App for Individual Fitness Use enables users to connect with the IHT Spirit System® outside of the traditional school confines. Through the new app, students participating in distance learning or remote physical education classroom settings maintain the crucial connection to coaching from their teacher or trainer while completing assignments and activities on their own schedule. IHT Spirit Mobile App for Individual Fitness users begin and end exercise sessions with the adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitor from their phones. Read More

Bob Knipe

Knipe brings PE teaching experience to IHT customer success team

AUSTIN, TX, Aug. 7, 2017 – Interactive Health Technologies (IHT), an Austin-based company transforming physical education through the use of technology, proudly welcomes Bob Knipe to the team.

Knipe joins IHT’s customer success team, where he will work with teachers, schools and school districts to help students learn skills to manage their health and fitness throughout their lives. IHT’s Spirit System® uses heart rate monitors and customizable assessment software to help teach students about the importance of exercising at an elevated heart rate.  

Bob Knipe“We’re happy to have another well-respected teacher who is passionate about physical education join our team and look forward to seeing him work with teachers across the country to implement heart rate-based training,” said IHT President Jen Ohlson.

For the last eight years, Knipe served as the lead physical education instructor at the University of Texas Elementary School in Austin, where he developed and implemented a curriculum that utilized technology. As he learned about integrating heart rate study into his lessons, he became an IHT customer, implementing the Spirit System and progressing along with the company as it developed a wrist-based heart rate monitor specifically for physical education: the adidas Zone for IHT Spirit.

“I’m excited to serve the current and future Spirit System districts and teachers in their efforts to empower students with the knowledge, habits, skills and desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle now and for a lifetime,” Knipe said.

Knipe is a member and regular contributor to the SHAPE America website with a blog about physical education. As part of IHT’s Customer Success Team, Knipe will work closely with teachers and schools in the southeast region of the country.

About IHT

IHT’s Spirit System® is an integrated web-based heart rate and assessment system that connects students with daily fitness and academic outcomes from K-12th grade. Students are empowered to self-manage their well-being through heart rate monitors worn in PE classes. The Spirit System curriculum and email feedback provides teachers and parents the tools to support students. By moving away from the “one size fits all” approach to physical education and assessment, IHT individualizes the process, creating greater autonomy and personal responsibility while validating the importance of daily physical activity within the school day. Visit www.ihtusa.com for more information.

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