Superintendent leads 22 local runners at Grandma’s Marathon

Originally published July 1, 2017 in the White Bear Press.

By Bruce Strand, sports contributor

Atop the list of White Bear Lake residents who finished Grandma’s Marathon is a man about to become one of the community’s most influential leaders, Wayne Kazmierczak.

The 46-year-old educator who’ll take over as superintendent of schools on July 1 posted an impressive time of three hours, six minutes and 23 seconds for the 26.2-mile trek from Two Harbors to Duluth on June 13. He placed 319th among 6,441 runners overall, and 13th among 344 in his age/gender group (45-49).

Photo submitted to White Bear Press.

‘Running has always been an important part of my life, although there are times when I don’t get out as much as I would like,” Kazmierczak told the White Bear Press.  “Every aspect of my life seems to go better when I’m consistently running. I tend to achieve a better work/life balance when I’m committed to a marathon training plan.”

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Virginia Beach students crafting their own PE routines

Originally posted May 30, 2017 at

By Eric Hodies

VIRGINIA BEACH – The entire fifth-grade class at Centerville Elementary School filed into the gym on May 26 for personalized workouts. Students paired up and worked out at 100 stations that stressed flexibility, strength or cardiovascular fitness.


Thomas Warren, a health and physical education teacher for 18 years, believes that scene will play out more frequently in future physical education classes.

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Do Young Children Need Physical Education?

Originally posted May 11 at

As a parent, sometimes the things you hear experts say about children’s health, and the things you observe in your own kid(s), can seem conflicting. Here’s the thing about physical education: yes, these programs encourage physical activity, but it’s the second part of the phrase — the “education” portion — that’s the key factor, and the reason all young kids should have access to formal physical education classes.

Your kids may not need any help being active (your exhausted pet can likely attest to this); but they won’t learn about nutrition, fitness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle on their own. As a partner of the Together Counts™ program for healthy, active living, here’s why it’s so important to offer physical education classes to children, especially when they’re young. Read More

Prescott Junior High PE program stars in documentary

Originally posted May 27, 2017 by The Modesto Bee.

At Prescott Junior High in north Modesto, pull-ups get counted, daily runs get timed, and the results matter – improvement can change your shorts.

While PE for most has wasted away in the shadow of math and reading scores, the Prescott Roadrunners keep a tradition of physical challenges. Hitting tougher and tougher targets for speed, strength and endurance earn kids a progression of colored gym shorts.It was those gym shorts that brought filmmaker Doug Orchard to Prescott, thanks to a chance encounter with alumna Jennifer Barcellos Dyan.

Orchard was midway through his documentary “The Motivation Factor,” on the power PE programs of the 1960s epitomized by La Sierra High School in Carmichael.


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