How to personalize PE for students using heart rate data

Nov. 30, 2016

After three months of working with the adidas Zone for IHT Spirit heart rate monitors during his classes, physical educator Pedro Espinosa gave himself some important homework for the Thanksgiving school holiday. He vowed to add new heart rate data to each of his students’ records inside the IHT Spirit System in order to make each student’s PE experience more personalized.

personalizeBy utilizing each student’s resting (RHR) and max (MHR) heart rates along with gender, height and weight, Espinosa – and any teacher utilizing the IHT Spirit System – can assess student performance based solely on that student’s individual profile, bringing the national trend of personalized learning into PE. Read More

Iowa teacher flips script, empowering students’ role within the classroom

Sept. 13, 2016

One of our teaching partners, Elizabeth Luck, is flipping the script in an effort to get more from her students this year.

The 2013 Iowa Middle School PE Teacher of the Year will require her Oskaloosa Middle School students to take charge of the learning process, designing each day’s lesson and pushing each other to reach her prescribed goal.

“I give them the goal for the day, but they choose how they’re going to meet it,” Luck said. Read More