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Heart Rate Training Personalizes PE for Students, Teachers Alike

Students Use Heart Rate Data to Sharpen Individual Skills; Reports Enable Teachers to Design Effective Lessons

Personalized feedback provided by PE heart rate training technology drives students to meet daily goals and enables teachers to develop lessons that motivate students to succeed.

Students wearing the IHT Zone wrist heart rate monitors during their PE class workouts have learned to exercise in the target heart rate zone. The heart rate monitors, working in tandem with the IHT Spirit System assessment software, help students learn that essential skill by: Read More


Lyman Hall student helps create unified PE program in Wallingford

Originally published Dec. 18, 2017 in the Record-Journal

By Matthew Zabierek, Record-Journal staff

WALLINGFORD — Lyman Hall High School junior Meredith DeNegris plans to pursue a career in special education after she graduates, but the 16-year-old is already helping special education students at her school.

For her capstone project, DeNegris created  “Unified Physical Education” —  a physical education course tailored for special education students.

The new course will pair regular education students with special education students to teach them skills, said Anthony Loomis, health and wellness curriculum resource teacher.

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Interview: The secrets to Finland’s educational success

Originally published Nov. 6, 2017 in The Times of Malta.

Finland’s Education Minister discusses her country’s education system

Headmaster Kenneth Vella recently visited schools in Tampere, Finland, a country which has made huge progress in education over the past few years. There, he interviewed the country’s Minister of Education, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen.

What do you consider the secrets of your success in education both at local and international levels?

For one, we have highly educated, skilled and motivated teachers. The teaching profession is respected and popular in Finland. At all school levels, teachers are highly qualified and committed. Universities can select among the most motivated and talented applicants. At both primary and secondary levels a master’s degree is required, and teacher education includes teaching practice.

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How Personalized Learning is Breaking the “GYM” Class Stereotype

Originally published Nov. 6, 2017 by the Huffington Post

By Brian Kampper

When I introduce myself as a physical education teacher, the two most popular responses I get are “Oh, you must love being a gym teacher, just playing sports all day must be great” or “I hated gym class when I was in school, all we did was…”

Unfortunately, most people think of physical education as a class where athletes take control while all others wait for the bell to ring to save them from having to participate in another game of dodgeball. While this is not the case in the majority of PE classes across America, the stereotype does exist and personalized learning is the key to breaking it.

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Inside Vista High’s Big National Experiment With Personalized Learning

Originally published Sept. 28, 2017 in the Voice of San Diego.

By Voice of San Diego

Great educators have always known certain things.

Students learn at different paces, in different ways. Students do better when they’re interested in what they’re learning.

Charter, private and even some traditional public schools are actively bringing these philosophies into classrooms.

It’s a movement commonly called “personalized learning” and is part of an evolution away from the traditional classroom model.

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