Sports involvement builds character in young students

Originally published Aug. 1, 2018 in the Cleveland Jewish News.

By Becky Raspe

For young students, after-school holds many possibilities. Too young to get jobs, students opt for extracurricular activities, like sports.

According to Kelli Pastor, physical education teacher at the Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School in Beachwood, and William Jones, director of physical education (K-8) at University School in Shaker Heights, students can learn important life lessons from sports involvement. Read More

assessment data

Assessment Data Enables Parents to Engage with Physical Education

Detailed Reports Remove Guesswork, Allow Parents to Follow Students’ PE Performance

By providing them with tangible assessment data, PE teachers have gained very helpful allies to keep students on track with their physical and social development.

Through data collected in the IHT Spirit System®, teachers can link parents to their students’ PE performance on a regular basis through:

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PE Curriculum

Students Improve Total Health in Teacher’s Enhanced PE Curriculum

Shift from Sports to Fitness, Use of PE Heart Rate Technology Motivates Students to Develop Complete Set of Wellness ‘Toolbox’

Changes in the PE curriculum are helping Hamburg Area (Penn.) High School students learn essential fitness and wellness management skills.

Last year, Hamburg Area PE teacher Donine Kelly completely overhauled her PE program, moving away from sports and games. Kelly’s curriculum teaches students to focus on their total health and wellness picture, which includes: Read More

PE assessment software

PE Assessment Software Connects Fitness to Academic, SEL Progress

Teachers Reinforce Key Fitness, Social-Emotional, Academic Competencies Using PE Assessment Software

Through metrics created in PE assessment software, teachers motivate students to improve their academic and social-emotional learning skills in addition to their physical fitness.

“The ultimate goal is to link fitness with academic performance,” explained Jenice Fagan, the lead PE teacher at Pine Middle School in Reno, Nev. Read More


PE class for Scituate students is an adventure

Originally published June 28 in The Patriot Ledger.

By Ruth Thompson

Physical education class continues to be an adventure for students at all grade levels in the Scituate Public Schools system.

“The primary objective of Adventure Education focuses on building self-confidence, promoting teamwork and developing leadership qualities through collaborative physical learning experiences,” said Greg Ranieri, Department Chairman for Health and Wellness, during a presentation before the Scituate School Committee. “Depending on the setting, Adventure Education can be referred to as cooperative activities, low or high challenge elements, Project Adventure, etc.” Read More