Titusville native wins state teaching award

Originally published Jan. 27, 2019 in the Titusville Herald.

By Tyler Brown

A former Titusville man received high accolades for his work of teaching students at Cranberry High School that finding a form of physical fitness they enjoy is a path to a better life.

Shawn Bean, a health and physical education teacher at Cranberry High School, was recognized as High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year for 2018 by the Pennsylvania State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Read More

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PE Class Connects Fitness to Social-Emotional Wellness Management

Peers Honor Hamburg Area High School’s Donine Kelly as a ‘Visionary Leader’ Among PE Teachers For Focus on Both Physical, Emotional Wellness

Two years ago, Hamburg Area (Penn.) High School’s Donine Kelly changed the emphasis of her physical education curriculum from sports to fitness and wellness. Instead of teaching students how to play specific games, her curriculum, honored recently with regional awards, focuses on the tools students need to properly manage their overall wellness, placing the same importance on the social wellness as physical.

“Our goal is to not only improve their fitness levels, but also improve their overall wellness,” Kelly said.  “We have moved away from the traditional, old school, team-based sports model and moved towards a more lifetime, fitness-based model that really addresses all of the spheres of wellness — mental, emotional, social, physical and spiritual.” Read More