“I was really emotional and now I’m a little bit stronger and calmer. I feel it’s made a big difference since I started wearing the monitor.” ​
Charlotte Sherwood
East Elementary (Col.) student​

A Preventative Approach To Mental & Emotional Well-Being

IHT believes that having heart rate data in real time has proven effective in enabling students to be more self-aware and in control of their emotions. This makes teachers more effective in reaching those students who need attention.

Connected Data Linking
Physical & Mental Well-Being

IHT’s software allows teachers and administrators to easily build customized measures, collect data in seconds and report out student outcomes in a meaningful way, daily to yearly, from kindergarten through graduation day.

Student Self-Assessment And Journaling Made Simple

The IHT Spirit Mobile App allows students to self-reflect and see trends over time.


A Solution For Special Education

Special Education teachers and administrators use IHT’s student specific heart rate monitor and data analytics to enable students with special needs to manage their health and behaviors. Data helps parents and schools provide stronger interventions.

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