What Customers Are Saying About IHT's Heart Rate Solutions

Technology that Enables Students to Picture Emotions

“This is a pretty amazing tool. I’ve wanted to be able to see every student in the school for 23 years and I didn’t know how to do that. Well, now I’m doing that.”

Jonelle Klemz, Braham Area (MN) ES Social Worker

Empowering Students to Succeed Using Individual Goals

“They know there is a standard that they need to meet and when they do meet it, there’s a sense of gratification, accomplishment, something to feel proud of about themselves.”

Ben Hemberger, Fosston (MN) HS PE Teacher/Basketball Coach


Devices that Work Wherever the Workout Takes Students

“When I got to Renton from Seattle (Public Schools), I wanted to find a heart rate monitor that was untethered. IHT was the best priced option for us that showed heart rate, color (the monitor shows students their heart rate zone according to color on the screen) and didn’t require a tethering device.”

Teri Garrett, Lindbergh (WA) HS PE Teacher/District Coordinator

Focusing on the Most Important Metric

“Target heart zone is the only measure and these are the only monitors that were tailor-made for kids to see to push the needle.”

Orlandus Thomas, Intrinsic Charter (IL) HS PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Software That Makes Downloading Data Instantaneous

“After meeting with three companies and testing, we went with IHT. The reason was that it was simple. The data, once collected, could be distributed to students immediately. They would get that feedback and I wouldn’t have to do anything except press that button.”

Shelley Fey, Punahou (HI) School PE Teacher and Department Head (Ret.)

Creating a Modern-Day Physical Education Program

“I knew this would have a big impact but I didn’t think it would be this big. Our program was stuck in 20th-century education. IHT has given us a gift to make a difference in every kid or student’s life. The impact can be lifelong.”

Scott Smith, San Bernardino (CA) CUSD High School PE Specialist

Transcending Learning for Special Education Students

“It’s very, very important in the population that we work with that we have visuals on a daily basis. This just builds into that routine and it has made a significant difference in the students staying on task. I can give them direct feedback on how they did and they’re starting to put together ‘I had a good day’ or ‘I could have worked harder.’ They understand this, and that is transcending.”

Deak Swearingen, Ann Arbor (MI) Public Schools APE Consultant

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