PE Students Find Motivation to Continue Fitness Activities at Home

By focusing on activities that promote lifetime fitness, Scripps Middle School’s Kim McCool created new levels of excitement and achievement among her PE students. Now she hopes to extend that motivation beyond school hours. 

McCool’s students wear the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitors during class, and the teacher continually sees student engagement soar. But when she asked her students how they remain active away from class, few had answers that made the teacher smile. Read More

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Top 3 Ways PE Heart Rate Monitors Motivate Students

Teachers Share Success Stories as Students Develop Skills, Desire to Improve Physical Fitness

Students felt more motivated to achieve daily workout goals when wearing heart rate monitors in their physical education classes this year.

When asked how students had adjusted to wearing the IHT Zone wrist heart rate monitor during class, PE teachers shared success story after story about how students more frequently met their workout goals. Read More

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Students Translate PE Heart Rate Lessons into Lifelong Activities

By giving students a first-hand look at their favorite fitness activities, PE teachers help students understand the types of health-enhancing workouts they can utilize away from class.

Across the United States, teachers saw student engagement increase when they created heart rate-focused lessons based on their favorite exercises. In addition to traditional PE lessons, students learned the heart rate-raising benefits of exercises including:

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Protecting Personal Student Data a Top IHT Priority

Companies that collect personal information of online consumers must remain vigilant and responsible in safeguarding that data.

Through its partnerships with schools across the world that use the Spirit System, Interactive Health Technologies collects personal information on students. Understanding the importance of securely storing the data, IHT takes several key steps to safeguard the data including but not limited to:

  • Store data on a secure, U.S.-based servers
  • Collect and store data for school purposes only
  • Sign the Student Privacy Pledge, strengthening its commitment to data protection

For schools who use the Spirit System, which includes the IHT Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitors, IHT collects heart rate data, analyzes it and delivers immediate feedback to students about their just-completed P.E. workout. The data personalizes the workout for each student and delivers a report specific to each student’s performance via email immediately following the session. The system sends the report only to the student, the parents (if they opt to receive the report) and the teacher. Read More

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PE Class Connects Fitness to Social-Emotional Wellness Management

Peers Honor Hamburg Area High School’s Donine Kelly as a ‘Visionary Leader’ Among PE Teachers For Focus on Both Physical, Emotional Wellness

Two years ago, Hamburg Area (Penn.) High School’s Donine Kelly changed the emphasis of her physical education curriculum from sports to fitness and wellness. Instead of teaching students how to play specific games, her curriculum, honored recently with regional awards, focuses on the tools students need to properly manage their overall wellness, placing the same importance on the social wellness as physical.

“Our goal is to not only improve their fitness levels, but also improve their overall wellness,” Kelly said.  “We have moved away from the traditional, old school, team-based sports model and moved towards a more lifetime, fitness-based model that really addresses all of the spheres of wellness — mental, emotional, social, physical and spiritual.” Read More