On March 6th, CEO Ben Bentzin and President Jen Ohlson presented at the American Heart Association’s Health Science Innovation • Investment Forum in New York City for the final round of the AHA’s 2020 Innovation Challenge. The IHT Spirit System was awarded first place, topping hundreds of technology company’s from across the country as the best new innovation addressing the AHA mission of building healthier lives and the AHA 2020 goal “to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans by 20 percent and reduce the number of heart-disease related deaths by 20 percent by the year 2020”.

IHT is the first integrated web-based heart rate and assessment measures system in the education market that has the ability to track and correlate daily fitness and health measures for every student to all other academic disciplines; from the first day of kindergarten through graduation day. IHT “levels the playing field” for all participants regardless of their individual fitness level by moving away from the “one size fits all” approach to education and assessment by localizing and individualizing the learning process resulting in the improvement of the overall coordinated school health model district-wide. Our comprehensive automated system of data collecton, assessment and support empowers each participant to self-mange their own health.

We are honored to receive this award and look forward to using this opportunity to enhance the Spirit System and better serve you!