With Two Weeks Left, Teachers Seeking Funding for IHT ZONE Heart Rate Monitors Should Make Final ESSER Push with District Grant Managers

The next few weeks are important ones for teachers looking to add technology such as the IHT ZONE heart rate monitor to student wellness programs.

The beginning of the school year is always a good time to seek funding to purchase necessary tools, but this September is particularly important due to the fast-approaching deadline for the ESSER II (Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief fund, officially known as Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations fund).

ESSERAs of the July 31 update, more than $8 billion of the original $52.9 billion ESSER II funding remains unspent or unallocated. ESSER II funding must be spent or allocated before Sept. 30, 2023: any funding that remains unspent after Sept. 30 will be returned from each state education association back to the federal government.

Advocates for student health and physical education urge schools to use every dollar the federal government provides them.

“Schools have been given this money and they should find ways to spend it to make sure kids have what they need,” Arizona Department of Education Title IV-A Safe, Healthy & Active Students Specialist Keri Schoeff said.

Schoeff has spoken on several IHT-hosted webinars discussing the different types of federal funding that have been created in recent years, specifically the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the three types of ESSER funding created in response to the pandemic. While ESSER I and ESSER II will both be expired by the end of the month, she says ESSER remains the ideal place to start for teachers seeking funding.

“ESSER is a great place to start when you’re wanting new equipment for your PE classrooms,” she said. “ESSER II and ESSER III brought a lot of money to local school districts. Some of that may still be unallocated and there for you to seek.”

The latest update from the U.S. DOE’s Education Stabilization fund shows:

  • $8.35 billion of ESSER II funding remains available and
  • $53.55 billion of ESSER III funding remains available

ESSER III funding must be spent or allocated by Sept. 30, 2024.

The remaining ESSER II funding breaks down this way:

  • 25 states have more than $100 million that must be spent or allocated
  • 13 states have more than $200 million that must be spent or allocated
  • 4 states (Texas, California, New York, Florida) have more than $400 million that must be spent or allocated
  • 10 states have spent at least 90% of their allocated funding
  • 3 states (Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas) have spent at least 98% of their allocated funding

How to Request Your District’s ESSER Funding

Federal funding – both ESSA and ESSER – can be used to purchase technology such as the IHT ZONE heart rate monitor. Guidelines allow ESSA and ESSER allocations to fund projects that provide students with a well-rounded education (PE is specifically mentioned as a part of a well-rounded curriculum), support safe and healthy schools, and support the effective use of technology.

“It’s important for you to know that you can use (this funding) for technology such as this,” Schoeff said. “If you think about ‘how can I get my students healthy?’, that’s right where we live.

“Healthy students is what we do, and IHT’s trackers and devices like theirs are great uses of funds because they are tying technology into health and PE,” Schoeff said.

Understanding this, IHT recommends following three simple steps to request a portion of your district’s ESSER funding:

  1. Know your district’s federal funding or grant manager.
  2. Understand how your district plans to spend its ESSER funding and what the process to apply for it looks like.
  3. Contact your IHT representative for a detailed quote and other important information to include in the proposal.

As Schoeff stresses, the government made this money available for schools in large part to improve student health and wellness as they return from the pandemic. Schools should spend as many of these federal funds as possible before having to return anything unspent.

“If you are looking at how you are going to fund a program (that brings technology like this) for your program, ESSER II and ESSER III need to be your first ask,” she said.

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    Sept. 30 Deadline for Districts to Spend ESSER II Money is Quickly Approaching
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