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On Tuesday, Feb. 21, IHT will host an informational webinar explaining the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Recovery (ESSER) Act funding that has been delivered to local school districts from the US Department of Education.

Arizona Department of Education Title IV-A Safe, Healthy & Active Students Specialist Keri Schoeff joins IHT Regional Vice President Lisa Rothstein to explain ESSER funding, the nearly $176 billion that local districts must spend by Sept. 30, 2024, and how technology such as IHT ZONE heart rate monitors qualifies for this federal funding.

federal fundingTo help schools recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Department of Education has delivered three rounds of ESSER funding to state education agencies. While the deadline to spend the first round of ESSER funding (Sept. 30, 2022) has expired, deadlines for the next two rounds of ESSER funding are still in the future:

  • ESSER II ($54 billion): Sept. 30, 2023 and
  • ESSER III ($122 billion): Sept. 30, 2024

“When you are having these conversations with principals, administrators and anyone else in your district that you’re going to be working with, it’s important to know the spend-by dates,” Schoeff said during an Oct. 2021 IHT webinar on funding.

Knowing the dates – and how much the district received – can help teachers seeking the funding overcome or work through initial funding decisions. Budget Challenge maintains a website that provides district-level detail on ESSER allocations.

“When they tell you that the funds are already spent or already allocated, they might not be talking about all three rounds of ESSER,” Schoeff said in 2021. “ESSER III was a really big chunk of money so there may be some out there even if you are originally told it’s not.”

The ESSER funding adds significantly to the federal funding allocated annually to schools through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Schools have until Sept. 30, 2023 to spend their share of $1.2 billion nationally allocated under ESSA Title IV-Part A, which includes:

  • Providing students with a well-rounded education
  • Supports safe and healthy schools (including mental health, physical health and PE)
  • Supporting the effective use of technology (including professional development)

Many teachers have secured funding to purchase IHT ZONE heart rate monitors using ESSA Title IV, Part A funding. For PE programs, ESSA Title IV, Part A is a significant resource.
“It’s the game-changing grant for us,” Schoeff said. “It has three elements: a well-rounded education, safe and healthy students, and effective use of technology. Physical education falls into all three of those areas.”

The live webinar begins at 5 pm central on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Click here to register and save your spot.

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    Upcoming IHT Webinar Focuses on Accessing ESSER Funding to Purchase Heart Rate Technology for Schools
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    Upcoming IHT Webinar Focuses on Accessing ESSER Funding to Purchase Heart Rate Technology for Schools
    Join IHT on Feb. 21 to learn about federal funding and how to access your district's allocation to use on purchases of heart rate technology.
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