Health and PE Teacher at Jackson Hole High School

Jim Jenkins grew up in Evanston, Illinois, the first suburb North of Chicago. He moved to Jackson during the summer of 1996. In the fall of 1997, he started teaching and coaching for the Teton County School District. For the first five years of teaching he taught at three different elementary schools in the district and also taught adaptive PE. For the past thirteen years, he has taught at Jackson Hole High School. During that time, he has used heart monitors extensively. Up until his involvement with IHT, the school used Polar heart rate monitors.

In addition to teaching, he is also the head swimming and diving coach for the high school and middle school teams. He has coached the high school team to numerous state championships and looks forward to more successful seasons.   He has been awarded coach of the year many times and has even been a finalist for National coach of the year for swimming and diving.

He is really excited about his involvement with IHT. The thing that he’s looking forward to the most is the ability to customize the target zones for each individual student. One of the things he disliked the most about the Polar monitors is the fact that every student used the same target zone. With the IHT program, each heart monitor is individualized for each student. What a great experience for the students!