HIIT Lessons in PE

Top Reasons Teachers Use Technology, HIIT Lessons in PE Classes

Focus on Fitness Skills Personalizes PE, Use of Heart Rate Monitors Motivates Students to Find Success By introducing more lessons around fitness, in particular HIIT lessons in PE, teachers see
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PE Administrators Focus on ESSA Title IV Part A for Key Funding

With Additional $700 Million Available, Schools Feel Empowered to Add New Technology With a significant budget increase to Title IV Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act for the
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adaptive PE students

Adaptive PE Students Use Heart Rate Monitors to Manage Health

Heart Rate Monitor’s Changing Colors Teach Cognitively Impaired Students When Exercise is Necessary A Michigan Adaptive PE administrator’s use of heart rate monitors enables students to manage their health and
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heart rate monitor education

Heart Rate Monitor Education Empowers Students to Manage Fitness

More Students Have Access to Fitness Information But Few Learn to Make Full Use of the Data By making heart rate monitor education a vital part of using PE fitness
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objective PE evaluation

Teachers Deliver Objective PE Evaluation Using Heart Rate Data

Assessments Enable PE Teachers to Grade Students Based on Actual Performance Toward Individual Goal New assessment software uses personalized heart rate data to enable teachers to deliver objective PE evaluation
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assessment data

Assessment Data Enables Parents to Engage with Physical Education

Detailed Reports Remove Guesswork, Allow Parents to Follow Students’ PE Performance By providing them with tangible assessment data, PE teachers have gained very helpful allies to keep students on track
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