PE Heart Rate

Students Translate PE Heart Rate Lessons into Lifelong Activities

By giving students a first-hand look at their favorite fitness activities, PE teachers help students understand the types of health-enhancing workouts they can utilize away from class. Across the United
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Protecting Personal Student Data a Top IHT Priority

Companies that collect personal information of online consumers must remain vigilant and responsible in safeguarding that data. Through its partnerships with schools across the world that use the Spirit System,
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exercise motivation

PE Heart Rate Technology Improves Student Exercise Motivation

By introducing wrist heart rate monitors into their programs, PE teachers increase exercise motivation and accountability for students to learn intrinsic exercise skills that will serve as the foundation for
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PE circuit workout

Top 4 High-Intensity Interval Training PE Circuit Workouts For Schools

The most impactful PE circuit workouts engage participants from the outset, get them to their target heart rate zones quickly and keep them moving throughout. For adults and students alike,
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PE heart rate monitors

PE Heart Rate Monitors Show Students Actual Effort vs Perception

By wearing PE heart rate monitors during class, students learn to improve their heart rate training performance by comparing their perceived effort level with their actual effort level. Through a
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Fitness Frenzy

Students Shine When Given Chance to Create Individual PE Workouts

Students who plan individual PE workouts work harder to achieve daily goals and improve their cardiovascular fitness. “You give them this choice to do what they want to do and
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