Slide 1“In the past year, we used it for a unit on fitness tracking. That’s such a big thing right now. With some many kids showing up with Fitbits today, we wanted to show them things like ‘what can your Fitbit tell you?’ Then we said we’d put the heart-rate monitors on you and show you all of the data and give them that experience. That’s when it really clicked, by seeing all of the things that the IHT System can give you. Not just how my heart’s doing, but how many calories are you burning, what’s the peak heartrate…All of that data that comes back that can be tracked.” – Rick Carr, PE teacher at Woodford County (Ky.) Middle School

“I started taking a look at the reports, and once I entered the height and weight, it started to calculate calories. I started to see the numbers in the reports and they were astonishing to me. It puts it into perspective as a teacher. It’s meaningful e8f540f2-ba77-4940-b279-c9fd3263087binformation that you get. I’ve found before with other products that they do things. They measure heart-rate and they give you some feedback, but the data was really difficult to download and store. It was even more difficult to use. The way this software is designed, you can run any kind of customized heart-rate report from any time frame from whatever classes you want to look at, whether you want to look at individuals or groups and you have that data in seconds and it gives you a clear picture of what’s going on in class.” – John Dunlop, PE teacher at Portage Central (Mich.) Middle School