Originally published Oct. 22, 2018 by The Sports Daily.

By Ted Winters

For long sports have been viewed as a way to stay healthy and keep fit. Its benefits have gone further beyond this. It has got both physical and physiological benefits. Among the physiological benefits is mental health. Academics is related to the ability of the brain to capture, store and process information. Sports impacts on education are limitless. Students are encouraged to participate in sports while in school. Many of them especially college students don’t actively participate. They end up in situations they could have evaded. I have compiled a list of ten benefits of sports for students. After reading this to the end, you will have a better understanding of how sports benefit the student.


Sports and health are heavily connected. The stress caused by exercise on the bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons makes them strong and healthy. Exercise helps to burn calories in the body reducing chances of obesity. Heart muscles performance and endurance improve, increasing its efficiency and reducing the risk of heart diseases. Exercise triggers the use of sugar in the blood. Glucose is converted into energy hence balancing the blood sugars. Sports also help in the fight against cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

Self-confidence and self-esteem

That handshake after winning develops self-esteem. A word of encouragement and praise from parents, friends, and coaches make a student feel accepted. A motivated student is more likely to do well in class than a student who views everything to be against him or her.


Teamwork is key to success. In sports, you have to collaborate with other team members to win. To succeed in education, a student needs to work hand in hand with teachers and fellow students. After school when working on a project, those with teamwork skills achieve their objectives. Employers are interested in hiring employees who can work together with other employees to achieve a common goal. Teamwork skills are among other requirements to secure a good job.


In sports, there is leadership. Becoming a captain gives a student skills on how to become a good leader. On later life, he or she might develop an interest in politics and end up being a top leader. Being a leader at school help a student gain interest and leadership skills. Many leaders have at one point in their education participated in school leadership. Many top positions in companies require someone with leadership skills.

Social Skills

Sports brings people together. Sports students have many friends. When playing in other schools, they get a chance to interact with new people. Sports give students a chance to go to foreign countries. When in a foreign country one can learn foreign languages. It helps build a sense of belonging. These social and communication skills later help a student in future career and relationships. One gets to know the importance of people around him at a younger age. Sports students are not victims of tribalism and other discrimination. They appreciate the presence of everyone in their life. This ability to live with anyone makes it easy for a person to survive in foreign countries.


Discipline is key to success in sports. In sports, a student has to follow the rules set and obey his or her coach. While other students are idle thinking of drugs, a sports student is busy training, he or she has no time for drugs. Coaches also educate them on the negative impacts of drugs in their sports life. With discipline, a student can reach his or her goals. Time management skills are learned in sports. When you are on tight schedules and have no time for assignments due to sporting activities, you can check college essay writing service for assignment help.


Sports is the best in fighting stress. Sports help improve the cognitive and memory function of the brain. After spending several hours in class, a student needs some time to refresh the mind. Sports active students are top scholars in academics. Sports builds their ability to concentrate and focus in class.

Career and passion

Some students are good at sporting. There is nothing as sweet as doing what you are talented. As a footballer in school, you can have a passion of becoming a top athlete after which you can later become a coach and train other people. One can also decide to venture into sports to become a referee or a coach. Sports has many careers that need professionals.

Improved energy levels

Regular body exercise improves our energy levels. Sports students can be active throughout the day without getting tired. Regular body exercise boosts the performance of the lungs. They are able to absorb more oxygen into the body which is used in the generation of energy. Sports students can perform tasks with fewer struggles. Athletes can walk for long distances as compared to non-athletes.

Managing emotions

Emotions run high on sports. Sporting students can control their emotions. Coaches train students how various negative emotions can affect their performance. Emotion management skills learned at a young age helps one handle critical life challenges later on in life.

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