Originally published Aug. 20, 2020 by the 5onYourSide.

By Rene Knott

Structure is important to a child’s school day, even if they are learning virtually.

“Parents make sure that they have structure. They make a plan. You gotta sit down with your kid and make a plan, so that they know these are your expectations. This is what you can and can’t do, and this is why this is important,” Darrion Cockrell told 5 On Your Side.

Darrion Cockrell believes physical education should be a part of the school day for all students, whether they're attending classes in person or going all virtual.

Cockrell is the 2020 Lindbergh teacher of the year. He believes physical education should be a part of their day. Cockrell is a P.E. teacher at Crestwood Elementary school.

When in-person classes were canceled last school year, he connected with his students during the pandemic by posting exercise videos online.

He believes it is important for kids to take a mental break during the day and physical activity gives them a good release.

“Anything that can get these kids moving for just a small period to time to kind of take their mind off of what they’re working on and just get their brains flowing and body movement is perfect," Cockrell said. "It doesn’t have to be a long period of time, just something intermittent.”

Cockrell said Lindbergh Schools will be giving students the option of hybrid learning or all-virtual learning. It will give him the chance to do some in-person classes in the fall.

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    'Anything that can get these kids moving'
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    'Anything that can get these kids moving'
    PE teacher explains the importance of physical education at home.
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