Originally published May 9, 2020 by County 10.

So many outstanding educators are continuing to love on, comfort and teach their students as best they can during the global coronavirus pandemic. Connection and compassion are shared via a screen, but it just isn’t the same as staff and students seeing one another in person.

That longing to share an in-person smile, wave and exercise with students spurred Baldwin Creek Elementary physical education teacher Misty Atnip to decide that if kids aren’t able to come to school for PE, she’ll take PE to them.

“I live for those daily interactions and connections with my kiddos,” Atnip shared of formulating a plan to visit her students from a social distance. “I had heard of high school principals traveling around towns to visit their graduating seniors. Doing the same for our 4th and 5th graders would be a big task, but still doable.”

Atnip and fellow BCE staff members move around Lander and visit families. During their time together, students choose one exercise of 10 reps that they’d like to complete with their teachers from a safe and responsible distance. The goal is to visit every BCE student that lives within five miles of town.

Students know in advance which day a visit is scheduled. If families opt not to participate, they let Atnip know that they’d prefer to pass so the teachers do not stop at their homes.

Atnip said that the PE pit stops have been well received by families and students, and are a welcome respite from the stress and uncertainty of the crisis for staff members and her, as well.

“Parents have shared that it is exciting and good for the kids,” Atnip said, “and it is helping me feel as close to normal as one can possibly feel right now. These visits are the highlight of my day.”

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    Baldwin Creek Elementary students participating in curbside PE
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    Baldwin Creek Elementary students participating in curbside PE
    PE teachers decide that if students can't come to them for PE, they'll go to the students.
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