Originally published March 9, 2020 by the 9and10news.

By Christine Kanerva and Catherine Emery

Schools around the state could soon have the option to cut back on elective classes like theater or physical education. A bill on its way through the state Senate would reduce the amount of requirements students need to graduate.

However, the Cadillac High School says they will continue following the current requirements for well-rounded students.

“If anything, it should be more,” says Steve Myers, strength coach for Cadillac High School.

Building up a sweat and mentally stepping back from classroom work are a couple reasons why seniors Brooke and Tipp enjoy their physical education class.

Tipp Baker says, “Helps me wake up, helps me stay focused, gives me a break throughout the day after a hard math class, or a hard English class, it’s nice to come in here and get to relax and refocus.”

Brooke Kochanny says, “It’s a good way to just let out the stress and just get up in the gym and just let everything out.”

The bill would allow schools to eliminate the requirement for students to get that stress-relief time.

Principal of Cadillac High School Konrad Motler says, “My guess is that the state is trying to reduce electives and opportunities one financial burden put on districts, they can reduce some staffing potentially, with unfortunate reducing opportunities, but it can come down to that.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to get their schedule in because they have their core and their expectations too,” Myers says. “Just try to do that best you can, go for a walk, ride a bike, be active, you know that all you’ve got to do.”

However, Principal Molter says they’re keeping the requirement so that their students can experience as many opportunities as possible.

“When a kid has just the core classes, we’re doing a disservice to them that they don’t know what they could potentially unlock.”

Opening doors, not shutting them; a philosophy Cadillac aims to uphold.

“Our whole goal is to develop everybody and to be career ready, not just college ready, but career ready,” Molter says.

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    Cadillac Would Not Follow New Senate Bill to Eliminate Gym Requirement
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    Cadillac Would Not Follow New Senate Bill to Eliminate Gym Requirement
    High school officials will opt to keep current physical education requirements to ensure students have opportunities for fitness, wellness activities.
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