Originally published Nov. 20, 2022 by Daily Inter Lake.

By Hilary Matheson

The Evergreen Fitness team has been exercising its way through 20 years of fitness and fun.

“The objective of the program is to make lifelong healthy individuals,” Evergreen Fitness Team founder Darner Ross, who is a health and PE teacher and football and eighth-grade boys basketball coach at Evergreen School District.

What started out as a weight training program for seventh- and eighth-grade student-athletes, soon expanded to all students interested in staying fit over summer break, starting in the second grade.

“There was a need for the Evergreen community to have kids engaged in a summer program,” Ross said. “Because I was highly involved in athletics I came up with a supplemental PE program to keep kids active and engaged throughout the summer.”

Depending on his availability, the fitness team may also meet during other breaks such as winter break.

“Lots of kids just want to stay physically active and do not participate in the athletic program. We make it really fun,” he said.

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