Originally published May 12, 2022 by KVIA.com ABC.

By Brianna Chavez

Schools across the Borderland have been dialed in on students' social and emotional wellbeing this year and some are using yoga to help.

Kenneth Morgan, a physical education teacher at W.D. Surratt Elementary School in Clint, said it's being implemented for all students Pre-K through 5th grade allowing them focus on practicing mindfulness and focusing on their breathing.

Research shows yoga for school-aged kids can improve their physical health, like their balance and strength, but it also helps them mentally.

"As soon as they're focused, we know they're centered and they're ready to learn," Morgan said. "We've gotten good rapport with the students."

4th grade student, Miguel Granado, said his favorite part about doing yoga in the classroom is feeling relaxed.

"It helps me concentrate more because it relaxes your body and relaxes your mind," Granado said.

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    El Paso schools using yoga to help with social, emotional learning
    Article Name
    El Paso schools using yoga to help with social, emotional learning
    El Paso schools make yoga a key focus to improving students' social and emotional wellness.
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