Originally published March 29, 2020 by TapIntoLivingston.

By Danielle Santola

After two weeks without seeing their students face to face, faculty members of the Health & Physical Education (HPE) Department at Livingston Public Schools shared a heartfelt message with their students in a collaborative homemade video meant to spread “spread hope and happiness in a time of stress,” according to said high school HPE teacher Kelly Nann.

“Although we may be practicing social distancing, we can still enjoy each others company virtually,” said Nann, who edited the video seen below. “As a health and physical education department, we believe it is important to keep our physical, emotional and mental health at its best during these times. Our goal was to create an uplifting video that everyone could enjoy. After watching the video, we hope we can bring a little bit of magic to your day.”

Over the last two weeks, fellow PE teacher Scott Schroeder said the department as a whole has been working hard “to create lessons that would motivate the students to be as active as possible at their homes.”

“We have found ways to motivate them to get off the couch and exercise,” he said. “Whether we are using YouTube videos, class workouts through zoom or tracking their progress through exercise apps, our goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while still maintaining social distance.”

In order to “give the students some diversity” during remote learning, the PE teachers have decided to rotate their lessons, PE teacher Roger Rubinetti explained during the first week.

Some lessons require students to read articles related to health and wellness, team versus individual sports, lifetime activities, etc., while other lessons have students participating in five-to 10-minute workouts via YouTube or similar sites. Students are also being asked to create different workouts using criteria learned in previous fitness units at school.

Video conferences have been set up for teachers to check in on the students and answer any questions they have.

In accordance with Gov. Phil Murphy’s declaration that all New Jersey school facilities will be closed until further notice, Livingston Public Schools has extended its remote learning plan, but will still take a collective spring break as planned from April 4 through April 12.

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    Health/Physical Ed Teachers Create Special Video for Students
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