Originally posted Nov. 23, 2017 in the Michigan City News-Dispatch.

By BEN DAVIS – Staff Writer

MICHIGAN CITY — For the second straight school year, Saint Stanislaus Kostka is implementing programming designed to help students stay healthy.

The school is partnering with Franciscan Health Michigan City and other local health and wellness agencies to help their students stay active and fit both in and out of school.


Sister Cheryl, OSF of St. Anthony’s helps out Saint Stanislaus fifth grade student Peyton Long as representatives from St. Anthony’s, Franciscan Health Michigan City, and the YMCA came to the school on Monday. Ben Davis photo

Fourth and fifth-grade students at the school are participating in the program.

“One of the major reasons we accepted this partnership is because of the push against childhood obesity so that our kids live a healthier life,” said St. Stanislaus Principal Christopher Evans. “Not only teaching them through this program, but also through their Physical Education class Mondays and Fridays, but then doing outside of school activities, so that they don’t just sit at home and play video games.”

Evans also asserted that when students are taking care of their bodies correctly, and getting adequate rest and physical activity, they perform better in the classroom.

“If they are more physically fit, eat better, and get more rest, academically we should see a rise in performance,” he said.

Evans said the program, which began last year at the school, shows students they can stay physically fit both at home and within Michigan City.

“It’s trying to show the students the fact that there are a lot of things that are surrounding them, so they don’t have to go to a health club, they can actually stay physically fit right here in Michigan City, in their home, in their community.”

Elizabeth Downs, healthy living director at the YMCA, added that many students spend time at the YMCA, and also that students participate in YMCA activities.

“Part of it is going to the YMCA,” she said. “They travel over to the YMCA, and we show them different activities, so they can gain a little bit of an interest in physical activity. We know that kids now are on their phones and games, so showing them what might interest them is good.”

Mandi Eggert, manager of service excellence at Franciscan Health Michigan City, added that they will be showing the students other aspects of healthy living as well.

“We will also be bringing in other aspects of health care,” she said. “We will have representatives from lab, respiratory therapy to discuss different things from a health perspective and how important it is to have healthy lifestyles and healthy activity because it impacts your overall health.”

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