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The 21st Century’s biggest surprise for most people in the developed world has not been the ever-expanding and complex Internet or even self-driving cars. It’s the surprise at realizing that all that technology and convenience has been leading to expanding waistlines. It’s indeed harder to stay fit in today’s world, but there is technology that can help people maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as hinder it.

Students are especially more susceptible to leading a more sedentary lifestyle due to their studies involving a lot of reading, studying, and writing. Luckily, there’s a variety of essays on technology available online. These essay examples about technology help students to live a healthier lifestyle, but here are a few ways that technology can help a student to have a happier and healthier life:

Fitness Trackers

This is probably one of the most recognizable bits of modern technology that’s changed how people view their day-to-day life. Keeping count of a person’s steps was not something people could really measure in the past, but now it’s become one of the prime ways for people to monitor their cardio.

This was something that earlier versions did for years, though. The new trackers, like smartwatches, can measure how many calories you’re burning. They can even measure your heart rate, intake, and weight.

Heart Rate Monitors

A heart rate monitor is one of the latest bits of gadgetry that takes the form of a watch or a strap that goes around the chest. In most cases, people use them to monitor their heart while working out, running, or walking. They can, however, be used at any time if a college student needs or wants to monitor their heart rate more regularly.

Smart Scales

It used to be that a scale was a simple system with a little arrow that would revolve around a circle and point to a person’s weight. Those days are gone now and smart scales have come in to ensure that university students getting an education can also get more out of a scale than just a single number. These scales also look at body fat, bone mass, and bone density.

Not enough? It can also read the percentage of water in your body! If these are all numbers a student going to school doesn’t want to see first thing in the morning, they can delay looking at them until they’re good and ready. That information can also be sent to your doctor.

Day Planner

This is something that most people, even students, might dismiss as something that is more organizational and less about how to live a healthy lifestyle. The truth of the matter is that it’s both.

A day planner not only can tell a student when it’s time for class, time to start writing that paper, or when they might be needed on the opposite side of the campus, it can also reinforce that more active, healthy lifestyle.

An electronic schedule can be accessed by phone and it can remind students when it’s time to head off to the gym for a workout, get to practice, take a run, or even just take a walk. With the hectic schedule of a student, having a day planner becomes a need and not a want.

Health Apps

This is the one thing that helps technology and lifestyle go hand-in-hand. All of the gadgets previously mentioned in this article all have apps available to improve what’s already in your hand, on your wrist, or around your chest.

They also come in many different categories and have all sorts of different uses. Online a student can find a healthy lifestyle app, the best fitness tracker app, or even one that recommends healthier options on a menu! It’s this aspect of technology and lifestyle that one can really take advantage of, and inexpensively.

It’s clear that technology can improve student life and not just through helping them in their studies. Technology can also help university and college students to be more active, eat better and have healthier habits.

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