Daily Fit Log Subscribers Can Continue Data Collection Efforts While Adding Complete PE Program Management with IHT’s Assessment Measures Software

DailyFitLog.com (DFL), a web-based tool that allowed physical education teachers to track fitness assessment data, is permanently ceasing operations at the end of May. Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) has executed an agreement which will enable Daily Fit Log subscribers to migrate to the IHT Spirit System® assessment and data collection software.

Using the IHT Spirit System, DFL subscribers will continue to be able to capture new data and import previously-collected data into the Spirit System. Using the IHT Spirit System® software, teachers can collect and analyze essential fitness assessment data while managing their entire curriculum.

“As DailyFitLog.com closes down operations next week, we are excited to collaborate with Interactive Health Technologies to ensure our DFL customers have the opportunity for a seamless transition in their data collection and reporting efforts,” said Daily Fit Log Co-Founder and CEO Joseph B. Galazzo.

“IHT welcomes Daily Fit Log subscribers to the Spirit System,” said IHT CEO Ben Bentzin. “By providing students with immediate feedback through IHT’s easy-to-comprehend heart rate and assessment reports, teachers will be able to guide students to master health and fitness skills that will serve them throughout their lives.”

Daily Fit Log subscribers have already received information on migrating to the IHT Spirit System®. Anyone with questions about using the IHT Spirit System can email spirit@ihtusa.com or call 512-522-9354.

Managing Fitness Assessments and Reporting

Parker Middle School student Gio Bizzarro picks up his adidas Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitor for a PE workout using the IHT Spirit System software. Photo by Greg Wohlford/Erie Times-News

IHT’s Spirit Assessment Measures software enables teachers to assess any fitness measure, capture results and store them for future use. A key component of IHT’s Assessment Measures software includes a built-in platform that enables teachers to assess students on the Presidential Youth Fitness Program’s guidelines. While previously having to manage different platforms to assess and record results, teachers can assess and record data in the same place, making Assessment Measures a popular choice among educators.

IHT’s Assessment Measures software allows teachers to:

  • Record results of various assessments in real time
  • Deliver post-session reports analyzing student heart rate and performance toward standards or goals
  • Create reports that summarize individual or class performance across any or all standard fitness assessments

With the software, teachers can seamlessly prepare individual and summary reports that can be delivered to campus, district and state leadership.

A Complete Physical Education Management Tool

In addition to embedded fitness assessments, IHT’s software also allows teachers to administer their entire curriculum and perform all of their customized assessments. Fitness results can be tied to academic metrics such as attendance, Social-Emotional outcomes and academic improvement. With data available for review at the click of a mouse, teachers can provide students, parents and administrators with objective data about student and class performance.

The software allows teachers consistent opportunities to provide students with the tools they need to take ownership of their fitness and overall well-being.

PE teachers want their students to grow into lifelong learners. By using essential data to help reinforce healthy habits, teachers are helping students develop intrinsic habits they can carry with them as they grow.

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    Interactive Health Technologies welcomes DailyFitLog.com subscribers
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    Interactive Health Technologies welcomes DailyFitLog.com subscribers
    Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) has executed an agreement which will enable Daily Fit Log subscribers to migrate to the IHT Spirit System® assessment and data collection software.
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