Originally published April 22, 2022 by News 12 Westchester.

Oyster Bay High School is teaming up with Adelphi University to provide college courses to their students.

One of the courses is its health and physical education program.

It is similar to the high school's weight training program, but gives them hands on and real world experience when it comes the content they learn.

Students are getting a sense of the type of career they could be in for from ankle taping for injury to personalized fitness programs.

"This class essentially created to serve the desires, wants and needs of the students, but also possibly introduce them to tracks that could turn into a career path," says Charlie Rizzuto, health and physical education teacher at Oyster Bay High School.

The superintendent of the school says it's a way to connect to students and empower them to see things they could possibly do in the future.

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