Originally published Sept. 16, 2020 by WKOW27.

By Emily Friese

With many schools holding classes online, a Lodi Elementary physical education teacher wanted to switch things up for students.

Mackenzie Swenson decided the best way to do that was to bring exercise and outdoor fun right to students' front doors.

She's going to every student's home for an in-person, outdoor gym class.

"Kids have been so excited," Swenson said. "I've pulled up to houses and they're watching out the window for me, and they jump up, they're ready to come out and play."

Swenson says she's a new teacher in the district, so she thought it would be a great way to meet students.

"With what we're doing, I don't get live video interaction with the students," Swenson said. "Everything I put out is prerecorded. I just thought, this is the best way to break that barrier."

Students said they think it's a good idea, and welcomed the idea of in-person exercise.

"I thought it was pretty cool," 5th grade student Max told 27 News. "We don't really get to do it this year, but now we get to do it social distancing."

Swenson says its important to get kids away from their screens, especially with online schooling. During her visits, she's invited parents, siblings, and neighborhood friends to join in on the fun.

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    PE teacher brings exercise to kids’ homes
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