Originally published July 30, 2020 by WITN News.

By Liz Batson

A big question for the upcoming school year is: how will gym classes happen?

Adapted Physical Education teacher for Pitt County Schools Michele Mazey says physical education is recognized as a core academic subject, meaning it is required in schools.

“We are going to have P.E. in some way, shape, or form,” said Mazey.

Mazey says some schools have worked out plans for physical education classes, while others are still trying to decide the most appropriate way to hold class while social distancing.

“Some schools are going to be able to go to the gym and social distance because their gym is big enough. Some schools might do it in their classroom. We have students who have IEPs so we want to make sure we get that student in the classroom,” said Mazey.

As an adapted physical education teacher, Mazey goes around to all of the schools in the district teaching physical education to kids with different abilities. She says with the modified school year, she’s had to get creative to make sure each child gets the attention and exercise they need.

“If we need to, we’re going to try taking equipment to someone’s home and leave it at their door. They’ll use it all week as we meet with them virtually if we can’t see the student and then we’ll go back at the end of the week and clean it,” Mazey explained.

She says all of the districts P.E. teachers have had to think outside the box.

“You’re a first-time teacher all over again and that’s kind of exciting. It’s one of those times where we can think about using our creative side,” Mazey explained.

Mazey says any equipment used will be thoroughly cleaned and designated to a student. Specifics are still being discussed.

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