Originally published Oct. 21 2022 in the Press Times.

By Janelle Fisher

Bay View Middle School recently joined the ranks of America’s Healthiest Schools, a recognition awarded by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation based on a school’s dedication to advancing the physical, mental and social-emotional health of its students, staff and families.

The 2022 list of America’s Healthiest Schools includes 406 schools across 26 states and Bay View Middle School is one of two from Wisconsin that qualified.

Steve Meyers, the principal at Bay View Middle School, said this award reflects the many years of work the school has put into the health of its community.

“The school has a history of emphasizing school health and wellness and has earned state commendations throughout the past two decades,” he said. “These programs have provided direction on how to provide effective programs and services that will help students, staff, and families to learn and develop healthy habits and lives. The recognition validates the school’s prior work and motivates the school to now reach even higher.”

One program at Bay View Middle School in particular, Meyers said, gives students the tools to help each other live healthy lifestyles.

“One of our primary programming efforts has been the development of a student-based wellness leadership team called SWAG (Student Wellness Awareness Group),” he said. “Students who participate in SWAG learn about and promote wellness, fitness, and healthy lifestyles through a variety of school and community activities. These student leaders then promote and model to other students what they experience and learn. Teachers Kaitlyn Bieszk and Teresa Van Nuland are the club’s advisors and deserve a lot of credit for the school’s health and wellness standing.”

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