Originally published Dec. 25, 2021 by CBS6 Albany.

Saratoga Springs elementary school students had a festive and fun Physical Education class, before heading out on Christmas Break.

Physical Education teachers Julia Marino and Michael Ricupero created a Winter Wonderland obstacle course for their classes!

Saratoga Springs elementary school students explored a Winter Wonderland in Physical Education Class.

It mixes different movement concepts with a fun theme. Students skated through the candy cane forest, climbed the frozen mountain, travelled on the polar express, and more. Obstacles were set up in the gym, and varied across the different elementary schools.

This is the second year teacher Julia Marino created the Winter Wonderland display. She said the kids were so excited to see the gym transformed and to play.

"My goal is to get kids who aren't interested in physical education, interested. So I think adding that fun theme does get them interested, and I like to do something fun around the holidays!" she said.

She says the students helped brainstorm the theme based on their interests - like the movie "Frozen".

Marino says she builds and designs many of the decorations herself.

She says it gets bigger and better each year, and she's already brainstorming what to include next year -- likely some penguins!

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    Saratoga Springs elementary students enjoy festive physical education
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    Students across Saratoga Springs school district enjoy a festive physical education workout before heading out on winter break.
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