Originally published Feb. 26, 2019 by KMVT-11.

By Elenee Dao

A teacher from a Twin Falls school is trying to implement a yoga course, to help supplement their students’ physical activities.

Health education and physical education teacher Leah Holloway, with Canyon Ridge High School, said they went to the school board to get the course on the schedule for next year.

“There’s a huge link between daily exercise and increased academic performance, mental clarity and overall quality of life,” Holloway said.

At their school now, she said they offer some diverse physical education programs such as spinning and body development courses.

“The students love it, they’re always asking for extra sessions,” she said.

The yoga class she’s teaching right now is just part of their physical education class. However; she’s seeking more.

“I felt like in order to best meet their needs and for their sports, we needed to incorporate yoga to improve their flexibility and mindfulness and their ability to compete under pressure,” she said.

Holloway added that with the increased technology use, there may be an increase in anxiety, so yoga can give students the chance to unplug and breathe.

She said the board will vote on if they want to add it to the list of classes offered in March.

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    School board to consider adding yoga course
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    School board to consider adding yoga course
    Teacher says yoga class helps students with clarity, quality of life as physical activity links exercise to academic performance.
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