PE heart rate training

Students Carry PE Heart Rate Training Skills to Summer PE Lessons

Teachers Extend PE Lessons Beyond School Year by Modifying Neighborhood, Childhood Games with Fitness Elements

Students in Andrew Pulling’s Portland High School physical education classes can maintain their fitness while taking part in family games at this week’s July 4 family picnics by displaying their PE heart rate training skills.

Pulling creates engaging PE lessons for his students by modifying activities many high schoolers feel they might have outgrown. Two of Pulling’s most engaging lessons include:

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PE heart rate training

Students Master PE Heart Rate Training in Fast-Paced Frisbee Unit

A Michigan physical education teacher’s twist to a backyard game has his students maximizing their effort as they study PE heart rate training.

Portland (Mich.) High School PE teacher Andrew Pulling’s frisbee unit has emerged as one of his most popular – and taxing – units for students, despite the frisbee game’s laid-back reputation. Pulling modified a unit based on the backyard target game Kan-Jam to encourage students to exercise at an elevated heart rate. Read More