Researchers find physical activity in preschool years can affect future heart health

Originally published June 11, 2019 in

Physical activity in early childhood may have an impact on cardiovascular health later in life, according to new research from McMaster University, where scientists followed the activity levels of hundreds of preschoolers over a period of years.

They found that physical activity in children as young as three years old benefits blood vessel health, cardiovascular fitness and is key to the prevention of early risk indicators that can lead to adult heart disease. Read More

FAME: The importance of physical activity for girls in our community

Originally published Jan. 9, 2019 in the Medicine Hat News.

By Jordan Pancoast

Although it is well known that physical activity is important for our health and helps prevent serious chronic diseases, sedentary lifestyles still are alarmingly on the rise.

In children and teens, especially, there has been a significant drop in physical activity over the last several decades, largely due to technological advancements in this digital age we all live in and have become accustomed. Read More